Courses and Workshops

Innerlife aims to provide a space where the inner explorer can choose a route to discovering more of who they truly are. The process of inner exploration can be facilitated through a variety of pathways such as:

  • On our courses we teach the basics of safe exploration of the inner and unconscious part of self, using Innerlife principles.
  • Safe exploration and revealing of the intuitive and creative self.
  • One to one inner exploration and discovery of the true self with an Innerlife practitioner.
  • Creation of an outer life according to highest good and purpose using Innerlife process methods.
  • Exploration of self and revealing the light at the heart of our being through daily practice, healing and the power of unconditional love.
  • Exploration of the facets and dimensions of the world of spirit.
  • In addition Innerlife aims to provide resources that support and empower the inner explorer.

Courses and Workshops being held in Mid Wales during 2018

The dates and venue will be confirmed nearer the time.

If you would like more information on any of our courses please contact us by emailing

  • How does your inner life of beliefs and thought create your outer life. Learn how to manifest your life from within.
  • What makes you the person you are? Maybe there are the bits you like and some you don't like. Learn how to love, heal, and accept yourself as the wonderful being that you are. An experiential weekend of self-healing.
  • How to manage your psychic energy - an experiential weekend for beginners.
  • Psychic Protection - a day workshop learning how to protect yourself.
  • An Introduction to spiritual healing - an experiential day workshop.
  • Meditation and creative visualisation to raise your vibration, that of the collective and also the planet. Experience an enlightening and purifying weekend as part of a group.

Other future Courses and Workshops please contact us to let us know if you are interested in any of these.

  • An introduction to Electromagnetic Radiation - day workshop
  • An introduction to Alternative Medicine - day workshop
  • Healing in practice - 4 day course
  • Use your mind for a change - day workshop
  • Introduction to using Subtle Energy - day workshop
  • Channelling - 4 day course
  • Spirit clearing - 4 day course
  • Dealing with a spiritual crisis - day workshop
  • Awakening to Spirituality - day workshop
  • Psychic protection - 4 day course
  • Understanding energy medicine - day workshop
  • Raja Yoga - Yoga for the Mind - 4 day course
  • Eastern and Western Philosophy - day workshop
  • An introduction to Buddhism - day workshop
  • Intermediate and advanced Buddhism - day workshop
  • The masters of Central Asia - day workshop
  • The quest for the Holy Grail - day workshop
  • The world seen through symbols and numbers - day workshop
  • An introduction to the Western Mystery Tradition - day workshop
  • An introduction to the Kabbala - day workshop
  • An introduction to the Chakras - day workshop
  • An introduction to the Seven Rays - day workshop
  • An introduction to the Eight limbs of Yoga - day workshop
  • An introduction to Ritual - day workshop
  • An introduction to the works of J.G. Bennett - day workshop

J.G. Bennett - the Inner Life of Man


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